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Gertler Series 58 Generator Preview – Now available for download

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Gertler Series 58 Generator v0.5

Gertler Series 58 Generator v0.5

It’s taken a little longer than I had hoped but the first working version is DONE! Yes you read right I am proud to announce the first public version of the Gertler Series 58 Profile Generator. You can render different profiles based on the parameters and copy the points into your Clipboard. It’s completely working, requires you to have Java installed. Since I developed against Java 1.6 I would suggest that you also install it on your Computer you can give it a shot with earlier versions but I wont test it against those. If you test it and it works let me know.

So click on the link to download the Preview:
Airshipworld Profile Generator Version 0.5
(AirshipworldProfileGenerator-05.jar) 15,7KB

Once you have downloaded the jar and have installed Java properly you should be able to start the generator by simply double clicking on the Jar file. Or you open it via commandline by entering the command “java -jar AirshipworldProfileGenerator-05.jar”. Both should work but let me know if there are problems. Use the comments of this post to share your thoughts. Also let me know what features you are missing, any bugs you find, wishes you have. This application will be going open-source once we reach version 1.0 until then I will post updates here on the Blog so make sure to subscribe to get the latest updates.