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The Email that started it.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

So this Blog might have appeared a bit out of context for a few who I had not reached with my Email so this is the Email that started it:

Many of us have started to collect information about designing Airships, some are even professionally designing them. Some hobbyist are building their own remote controlled airships, and some people are interested and just starting out gathering knowledge. Some might design airships by calculating on a sheet of paper or maybe excel, some might use specific tools. I believe that there are many many bits and pieces of knowledge spread around the community. The Building Industry has it’s tools and patterns on how to build cities, houses and other thing. The Computer Industry has patterns on how do structure and build software and also uses many different tools to make their work easier and simpler. Even the Conventional Aerospace industry I would assume has a large portfolio of patterns, tools and reference material to refer to.

The Airship industry might also have it but I don’t believe it is as sophisticated and readily available. From personal experience I have to say it’s rather hard to find the appropriate information or even the pointers to this information. To my information there is also no integrated development environment to develop an airship, that allows modeling, calculations and simulations in one software product. So my questions are:

Do you think we need a resource that collects the best practices and patterns probably pointing to specific books for further reference?

Do we need an Airship Development Software tool that helps us design airships in a computer aided design approach to have an integrated development environment. The question is not who will build it but who can see themself using it. And who would be willing to give the input in technical and business expertise regarding mathematical formulars, requirements aso.

I would love to start such a project and spearhead the Software Development since I am a Computer Scientist but i would like to know if you see a need for it and if you would be willing to contribute.
The Development model should be collaborative and the software or the resources and artifacts produced should be available for free as open source so that everyone can use them enhance them and modify them. Let me know what you think I could envision specialized versions for designing remote controlled airships and passenger airships.


Andreas G

Editor of Airshipworld
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And the feedback I got to this mail was generally Positive so this is the start. I will start to collect our collective knowledge when it comes to designing Airships. I will start open-source software projects, integrate others and introduce existing tools and illustrate how they can be used to design airships. I hope that the community chimes in. If you want to present how you design your airships, how you build your envelopes, which motors you use or just want to present your airship, let us know. Leave a comment and participate.