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Series 58 Generator 2nd Edition v0.6 now available

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
Gertler Series 58 Generator v0.6

Gertler Series 58 Generator v0.6

It’s been a one year since the first version of the Series 58 Generator and I am happy to release the second version of it today. Besides having a completely updated UI the new Version fixes some bugs and adds a couple new features.  You can now change the number of points used for the calculation, can change the separator characters for the clipboard format between TABs and semicolons.  As output there is now the CB – centre of Bouyancy and the polynomial coefficients a1 to a6. You can download it below.

Airshipworld Profile Generator Version 0.6
(AirshipworldProfileGenerator-v0.6.jar) 14,2Kb

You need Java 5 to run the generator either by double clicking the jar or run it from the command line via “java -jar AirshipworldProfileGenerator-v0.6.jar”