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The Airshipworld Dev Blog is born.

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Gertler Series 58 Generator V0.02

Yes you are reading correct this is the first post in the “Airshipworld Development Blog” the home of all software development efforts. Currently I am working on a Gertler Profile Generator based on the Series 58. The screen shot you see on the right is the current state as you can see it also draws a picture of something that looks like an airship. I am developing this software together with Johannes Eissing head organizer of the RC Airship Regattas he had the initial idea for the tool and supported me with his mathematical expertise as he developed the algorithms that drive the Gertler generator. The Profile Generator will be released as open-source once we have all the basic pieces in place. The Gertler Series 58 Profiles will be available as a free binary plugin for the Generator to protect the intellectual property which lies in the algorithms. The Generator will be the first in a series of tools and programs that will help others in designing and constructing their airships. I see the members of the RC Airship Regatta as the first users of these tools, followed by smaller companies that design remote controlled airships and once our toolbox has matured enough maybe even larger companies that design and build human piloted airships will find the toolbox as a worthy addition to their tool portfolio. Please leave comments and let me know what you expect. I will be posting updates on this Blog. I will talk about the development progress as well as other open-source and free tools. Spread the word! Subscribe and leave comments :-)